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Depending on your business, you might spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on petrol and diesel vehicles for your employees who cover hundreds of miles every week. By the time you return those vehicles they have done more than a hundred thousand miles, cost you thousands of pounds in fuel and done absolutely no good for the environment.

Switching from fossil fuelled cars to electric vehicles has a huge effect on the environment and more importantly your Corporate Social Responsibility, not to mention your profit margin.

Say Goodbye to Expensive Fuel

Goodbye to expensive fuel

While your employees might still frequent the drive-thru fast food restaurant at the motorway services, you’ll no longer be landed with the expensive fuel bill.

Switching to electric vehicles will not only save your business thousands of pounds a year but effectively give your employees a pay rise thanks to their BIK payments and other taxes levied by the government for your motoring discomfort.

Eco Friendly Fleets

Running out of excuses

With massive savings to be had, switching to an electric vehicle business lease is a winning solution for all involved. Your employees impress clients by driving the latest technology, you fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility and you cut your business motoring costs; and with future tariffs on diesel cars in city centres and the increase in the cost of road tax can your business really afford NOT to transition to electric?

We are uniquely placed to supply your vehicles, implement charging points and provide you with a dedicated fleet manager during your term to assist and help with any questions or queries.

Commercial Leasing

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Whether you are looking for one or a hundred vehicles for a fleet, there has never been a better time to make the change and with flexible contract lengths ranging from one to four years, we are sure to find the electric vehicle ideal for your business circumstances.

Simply contact us via our online web form or call us on 01276 474744 or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn and one of our expert team members will assess your current fleet and discuss your options with you.