Jaguar iPace for the weekend



So we’ve covered the ecology and economy of driving an electric car and the importance of joining the electric revolution but what about the fun of actually driving?! It’s not all about the sensible stuff surely?

We were lucky enough to have the Jaguar iPace for a long weekend and thought we would put it to the test… We drove the iPace SE in black. Jaguar themselves are calling it “the most important Jaguar since the E-Type”, high aspirations indeed!
Jaguar have boldly launched this all electric Luxury SUV ahead of all its German counterparts, who will all follow suit soon. It is the first of the Jaguar range to use the new “skateboard” architecture base which will underpin the EV range which will follow. It houses a 90KW battery which has an 8 year /100,000 mile warranty. Dual electric motors make it 4 wheel drive and give it 396 bhp and 696 Nm of torque. This equates to a 0-60 in a barnstorming 4.5 seconds and at 2.2 tonnes this SUV accelerates like a sportscar.
All great statistics but how did it drive? Well, like a dream actually. We drove it over a mixture of motorway and A and B roads and whilst the stats state a real world 298 miles range we think that figure is closer to 240. The iPace feels nippy, as is true of the Tesla models, with all the acceleration available without the lag of its fossil fuel fed counterparts. Grippy and nimble too thanks to the dual engines allowing the car to administer torque to the appropriate corner as necessary. Jaguar have fitted it with a synthetic soundtrack to enhance the driving experience, especially rewarding when driven in “dynamic”. A bit gimmicky but quite satisfying if we are being honest!!
Performance aside, the styling is on point. Its squat, stubby nosed and sharp at the rear with its flush door handles and natty headlights complete its futuristic look, not like any of the other jaguars currently on the road. The interior feels much more “Jag” like. It seems that they have consciously avoided the very techy look of Tesla, confidently keeping loyalty to the brand with all the leather and luxury you would expect. Ours had a panoramic roof and with the narrow A frame it feels very roomy. Where the transmission would usually be they have put a 10 litre cubby hole. There is plenty of storage and USB charging points. Plenty of headroom means that adults could sit comfortably in the back. The boot is all you would expect of an SUV size wise with the added bonus of a 27 litre cubby where the engine would be. Footprint wise, we think its comparable to an Audi Q5, Jaguar themselves say it’s the size of a Porsche Macan with the interior space of a Cayenne, and we wouldn’t disagree.
When it comes to infotainment and tech, it didn’t disappoint either. All the models come with a Touch Pro system a 10 inch touchscreen which is very user friendly. You can use the smartphone app to locate the car, check its locked, alarm it, check its charging status and even pre heat it.

All in all we loved it, it really is a well thought out vehicle and ticks all the boxes, make ours Photon Red with 22inch alloys please! Give us a call to chat about it further or to explore the options of leasing one yourself. 01276474744 or email