Join The Clean Air Revolution

Today is World Environment day. The United Nations have marked this day since 1974 and now 143 countries take part. This year the UN have chosen to highlight the importance of tackling Air Pollution and it is being hosted by China.
The World Health Organisation estimates that 7 million people die prematurely each year as a result of exposure to air pollution and 91% of people globally live in places where air quality exceeds WHO guidelines. Here in the UK it is thought that 40,000 people die prematurely each year as a result of poor air quality. Most of these deaths are a result of exposure to fine particles and nitrogen dioxide. With an estimated cost of £20 billion to the health service and the wider UK economy (
The UK Government are working hard on their Clean Air Strategy (2019) which aims to protect the nations’ health, protect the environment, promote clean growth and innovation and reduce emissions from transport and industry. Transport is responsible for 50% of nitrogen oxide in UK which has a huge impact on air quality at a local level. The Government is working hard on their “Road to Zero” which promises that all new cars will have zero emission by 2040. Here at Voltz Leasing we feel that this could be achieved much earlier by making electric car leasing accessible to all. The Government have invested 1.5 billion in supporting the take up of low emission cars with a grant of £3,500 toward the cost of all new electric cars. This coupled with us offering the best electric car lease deals out there we aim to make moving green more accessible.
The Government are also offering £500 towards the cost of installing home electric chargers and are offering relief and schemes for business to install chargers for their employees. It is also in their interest to show a real commitment towards their Corporate Social Responsibility to show they are doing their bit for the environment. Electricity firms have committed to offering electric car drivers’ special tariffs for charging and will promise to match your power usage to electricity derived from sustainable sources. This coupled with the news that Britain has just gone 2 weeks without using fossil fuels to produce its electricity, a feat that hasn’t been done since 1880!

You could be making a real difference to air quality in your local area by driving an electric car and it really is more accessible than ever and here at Voltz Leasing we aim to support you through all the options from accessing the government funding and offering you the cheapest electric car lease deals. The cost of driving an electric car is also a sweetener for making the change, for example to charge a Nissan Leaf at home costs £7.34 giving a real-world range of 220 miles. This along with the fact that Electric Cars are exempt from Road Fund Licence, congestion charge (£11.50 per day) and the new Ultra Low Emission Zone charge (£12.50 per day) mean that you could not only be doing your bit for improving your local air quality but be saving money too. It’s a no brainer, why don’t you make today the day that you commit to making the change? Get in touch at sam@voltzleasing or on 01276 474744 and we can help you with advice on electric car leasing