Pollution Drop Since Lockdown

Since we all went to lockdown there have been barely any cars on the roads.  Due to less harmful diesel and petrol cars on the roads the UK’s pollution production has plummeted.

This is shown if you take last years pollution stats and compare them to the stats from the last few months.  This clearly shows us that when there are less harmful cars on the road, and planes in the sky, the pollution drops significantly.  This is backed up by the evidence from china who have had lower emissions since the outbreak in  late 2019.  Our Ozone layer is better than before, thanks to less cars on the roads, this means that the suns harmful rays are blocked more by our atmosphere.  Britain also went for the longest period ever without using coal fired power generation, due to the drop in need for electricity.



We can all help to keep the emissions low by using less coal fires, installing solar panels or what Voltz are doing, leasing an electric car.

Stay Home, Stay safe and stay electric.




Graph from The Guardian Online