Real World Test Drive of the VW Egolf

We were so excited to add the VW Egolf to our fleet.  Not least because it would be my main mode of transport. Ticking all the green credentials and styling ones too, and in sparkling white it’s very easy on the eye.  I have to admit that I was a bit dubious about the aerodynamic alloy wheels which apparently aid the range, they are a bit “bin lid” if I’m being honest  With all the sturdiness and usability you would expect from a standard Golf, as it is based on the original version, the build quality does feel superior to some of it’s direct EV rivals.  The ride is all you would expect of a golf, a great driving experience enhanced actually by the instant foot down power that a battery powered car offers.  The electric powertrain and automatic gear box has made for very easy driving so far.

My typical journeys are short, the school run of 4.2 miles, trips to the office, the shops etc etc. typically around 5 miles a time probably don’t do the Miles per/kwh the true justice it deserves.  Although I only need to charge up about every 4th day, which I do overnight on our economy 7 tariff. We have had a charge point installed at home by the aptly named Charge Easy, who have reclaimed the £500 OLEV grant on our behalf, easy!  The charge point offers wifi capability so that I can plug it in when I get home and set it to start charging at 11.30pm when our electricity becomes cheaper overnight.  I’m all charged up by the morning and ready to go, it takes around 4 hours to charge and costs around £5 for a full charge on our economy 7 tariff.  VW advertise a range of 144 miles but I think it is fair to say that What Cars’ real world estimation of around 125 is more realistic.  It’s enough for my general travel and I have yet to experience true range anxiety, but if I do need to charge out and about by using a quick charger, like the ones now found at service stations, I can get a decent range boost in around 45 minutes.

The car offers regenerative braking, where the battery regains charge when you put on the anchors.  You can let off the “gas” and coast for quite sometime before the car slows, the dash actually encourages you to do this with a little foot off the pedal icon when this is optimal.  It all takes a little time to master but I feel like I’m getting there, all of which will aid my range. You get quite a buzz from the miles of range actually increasing as you drive conservatively or whilst braking.  Full Electric feels good!