Selling Like Hot Cakes!


We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ID 3, VW’s golf sized, super innovative full electric car. With prices starting from under £30,000 with a range of up to 261 miles we always knew it would be popular but we wouldn’t have dared to guess just how popular. The first allocation of 1,500 cars will be available in May and according to the VW dealer network, these were all spoken for within 48 hours! According to the VW dealers, 20,000 people have shown an intent to buy one! We feel confident that for those of us who didn’t manage to bag one at the first time of asking, VW’s reassuringly Germanic supply chain won’t fail us and many more become available very soon. Fingers crossed we will be able to offer you electric car lease deals very soon. VW aim to deliver more than 100,000 ID’s per year throughout Europe. Watch this space for availability and lease pricing, which will bring you as soon as we can.

So why the sudden surge in EV interest? The appetite started to pique with the launch of the Tesla Model 3, over 95,000 being registered across Europe in 2019. It outsold the BMW 3 series which sold only 68.000 in 2019 and was more popular than the Audi A4 too. With seriously useable range at much more accessible pricing, EV’s are now a truly viable option for people looking to change their petrol or diesel cars. Thinking about leasing your next car also makes the jump to an EV less daunting, check out our latest electric car leasing deals  You could be driving the latest technology and the furthest range EV for a lot less per month than you might think. Whilst we wait patiently for the ID3 to become more readily available why not consider its closest rival? Check out are seriously competitive Tesla Model 3 leasing prices