Tesla Model 3 Real World Drive

We were lucky enough to have a Tesla Model 3 for a few days to do a real world test drive and we were not disappointed. The little sibling of the Tesla range had a lot to live up to with it’s big brothers the Model x and Model S.
We borrowed the top of the range Performance model which boasts an impressive 348 miles of range (European Government tests), we found it to be closer to 260 .
The entry level Standard Range Plus has a real world range of 196 miles, doing 0-60 in 6.1 seconds. The Long Range model comes with four wheel drive as standard and …miles.
We drove the striking Multi-coat Red one, our favourite colour! The styling is very like the larger Model S, with a shorter bonnet and snubber to the rear. It is unmistakeably Tesla and gets heads turning on the road, not to mention the friendly nods and waves from other Tesla drivers.
The performance model is 4 x 4, has sports suspension and 20 inch wheels as standard. It handles extremely well, its very squat and takes corners in its stride, even at some speed. Braking is super smooth and less jolty than some other EV’s can be.
There’s lots of tech, Autopilot is an option offering self steering and adaptive cruise control, keeping a distance between you and the vehicle in front. This works very well on the motorway. There is great visibility front and rear and all models come with parking sensors and rear view cameras as standard.
The control centre for the car is the central touch screen, anything from the windscreen wipers to the headlights are controlled from here. Even the speedo is to the right of this screen. This means that the interior styling is very minimalistic indeed!
The seating position is comfortable and care has been taken to ensure that all the driving controls are exactly where they should be whatever your height.
The Model 3 has the same infotainment system as the other models in the Tesla range with a slightly smaller screen. Sadly not AppleCar Play or android Auto yet.

Spacewise, there’s plenty in the front even for the tallest driver and passenger. As we’ve come to expect of a Tesla there is lots of cubby and floor space too. The faux leather upholstery feels good too. To the rear there is similar leg space to a BMW 3 series but the large side windows and panoramic glass roof make it feel less claustrophobic that other mis sized saloons. The boot is very deep thanks to a well under the boot floor. A couple of sets of golf clubs won’t be a problem.
Ownership allows access to the Tesla charging network so you can charge from 10-80% in just 30 mins but you do have to pay but this a reasonably priced. You can also use the public CCS charging points.
Overall we loved driving this little red rocket. It felt safe and handled beautifully and goes like stink if you put your right foot down, 0-60 in a mind blowing 3.2 seconds, remaining squat even when you do! We love that it comes with lots of stuff as standard and the range is compelling. With a much more palatable monthly lease amount than its big Brothers we predict seeing many more Tesla converts on the road very soon. contact us now for your electric car lease deal.