Voltz Leasings Five Compelling Reasons to go Electric


1 Drive Green
Perhaps the most compelling of all reasons is the responsibility we all have to make changes to our carbon footprints. With full Electric cars producing zero emissions and plug in hybrids being much reduced we can head towards the governments promise to make the UK zero emissions by 2050. Petrol and diesel cars will be phased out by 2040, why not get on the right side of that trend now? It has long since passed that EV ’s are more expensive than their petrol/diesel counterparts, with lease pricing on the e-Golf at under £200 per month* this is no longer the case.

VW recently announced the launch of their all electric ID range of cars, the range will be delivered to the customer with a neutral climate balance by reducing CO2 in production and offsetting any unavoidable CO2 produced with climate protection projects. This trend will surely follow through all EV production.

2 Save money
Company Car drivers who drive electric cars will not have to pay any Benefit In Kind (BiK) tax in the financial year 20/21, this could benefit the million or so current company car users. Meaning there has never been a more compelling time to change to electric. The BiK will rise to 1% in 21/22 and 2% 22/23.

With the announcement of 0% BiK, the £3,500 grant toward the cost of a new electric car from the Government and the OLEV grant of £500 toward the cost of an at home charge point, driving an Electric Vehicle will certainly be financially beneficial.
And with it costing less than a fiver to fill up (based on filling an e-Golf at home with a tariff of 14pKw) what is not to love?

3 Serious fun
The manufacturers have not disappointed with their EV offerings, the EV’s already available are exciting and innovative. Take Jaguars iPace for example, gorgeous styling, fabulous range and a brilliant driving experience, we are not surprised that it won the 2019 Car of The Year Award. The EV’s in the pipeline are looking great too, we cannot wait to see the VW ID Range, the Mercedes EQC Range and the Mini Electric come to market very soon.

4 Enhanced Range
The manufacturers have easily broken the 100 mile range barrier on new EV models making range anxiety a thing of the past. VW publish a range of 144 miles for the new e-Golf and it can be charged to 80% in 45 minutes using a rapid charger. The charging infrastructure is ever increasing and more innovative with the government recently committed to spending 37 million on the EV charging network and on projects rolling out underground charging, solar powered forecourts, lamp post charge points.. the list goes on…
Charging at home, overnight is probably the easiest and most convenient way, especially with the big power suppliers now offering preferential EV driver tariffs, making all your power cheaper and they promise to offset your home consumption to energy derived from renewable sources. Along with this is a Government grant of £500 (OLEV) towards the installation of your at home charger.

5 Kudos of being an Early Adopter
Green credentials addressed, money savings considered, range assessed… you could be driving the latest technology for less than you might have thought. By leasing an EV you are future proofing your purchase, at the end of your agreed term simply give it back and sign up for the newest version and continue your Electric journey.

*subject to term and mileage