VW ID.3 Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show

VW launched the eagerly awaited ID.3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and we weren’t disappointed.
The first of their purpose built EV’s, it is their sporty option, that will rival the Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe and their own eGolf. At an estimated £30,000 (TBC), it will be an interesting option for those wishing to join the EV revolution. They will offer it in 3 battery options, 45KW with an expected 330KM range, a 58KW and a large 77w battery with an amazing (estimated!) range of 550Km on a singe charge. The top two spec cars will be fitted with 100kW fast charging as standard allowing for around 180 miles of range to be added in 30 minutes. This is thought to be available as an option on the smaller battery models.

It has all the signature styling you would expect from VW, with funky wheels and hot hatch elements to appease the die hard VW Golf enthusiasts. It has forward thinking tech and interior design elements with a 10 inch central screen as standard, voice control will also be an option. It will have the rapid acceleration and torque we would all like to see from a WV hot hatch.

Production will start in Autumn 2019 with the first vehicles being delivered mid 2020. The 1st Edition will have a limited production of just 30,000 vehicles but surely more will swiftly follow. We cannot wait to offer electric car lease deals on the ID.3, watch this space…

VW claim that the whole range will be sustainable, that they will be delivered to the customer with a neutral climate balance. They will reduce the CO2 in the supply chain and vehicle production and any unavoidable CO2 produced will be balanced by climate protection projects.

The next car to be launched in the range will be the ID Crozz. The “Crossover” is somewhere between an SUV and a Coupe.
VW boast that it will have a generous range to “leave your battery worries behind”, claiming it will be able to do 550km on a single charge. It will be all wheel drive and is being promoted as their go anywhere vehicle. The tech will be as forward thinking as you would expect, with the autonomous mode still being developed at this stage. The Crozz looks spacious as there is no B pillar. An impressive looking vehicle that we cannot wait to see on the road, fingers crossed sometime in 2020 starting at an estimated £40,000. We’ll keep you posted on this.

Here at Voltz we are most excited about the ID Buzz, thought to be available in 2022. Is it a van, is it a 1960’s camper on acid? The concept looks breathtaking and adorable in equal measure. It will be super spacious with flexible seating thanks for the lack of transmission. As you would imagine there will be lots of new tech, they’ve even reinvented the steering wheel, an intuitive touch pad design making it more iPad than steering wheel. Offered in a 83 kw or 111kw battery option, meaning that range shouldn’t be a problem. We’re in, where’s the waiting list …….