Why lease an Electric Car


Electric vehicles are becoming more and more mainstream and this trend is only set to rise with an awareness on zero emissions ever a concern. With an Eco conscience, cutting edge technology and reduced running costs why wouldn’t you consider an electric vehicle for you next car? But what is the best way to finance one? There are some compelling reasons to lease an Electric Vehicle.

You will get more for your money.

Due to Electric vehicles having the newest technology they are still a bit pricey. With a small deposit and an affordable monthly cost you could drive an EV without making the full outlay. You pay the cost of usership rather than ownership which not only makes your money go further but also means that you haven’t invested your hard earned on technology that could become quickly outdated making electric car leasing even more compelling.

Lower running costs

The cost of running your electric car is substantially less than running its fuel run counterpart. Here at Voltz we will find you the best possible electric car lease deal and coupled with that you will also reap the benefits of not having to keep fuelling your car up! The cost of charging your car is a fraction of the cost of fuelling up.
Maintenance of EVs is much easier and cheaper than a petrol/diesel car due to them having fewer moving parts. They require fewer consumables for example brake pads last longer on most EVs due to the use of regenerative braking.

The Kudos of early adoption!

You could be driving the very cutting edge of innovative driving technology. Not just the battery tech but the styling too, the manufacturers have tended to give their EV’s super sharp styling. Think of the quirky and smart BMW i3, the gorgeous Jaguar iPace and the innovative Audi e-Tron all futuristic and funky!
You could be driving the latest in tech and styling with none of the risk of owning an outdated model. You drive the EV for an agreed term (typically between 2-4 years) then give the vehicle back with no worries about reselling it or concerns over residual value issues.

Driving with a conscience

This is probably the most compelling reason to make the change to electric. You can do your bit for the environment with a zero or minimal emission vehicle. Making a personal commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Get in touch with your electricity provider too, some are offering special tariffs for electric car drivers, making your electricity cheaper to charge up. They might also commit to offsetting any electricity you consume against electricity derived from sustainable sources.

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